CifToys Interactive Whack a Frog Game, Learning Toy for Kids with 2 Hammers


CifToys Interactive Whack a Frog Game for Kids, Boys, Girls with 2 Hammers This active toy game with lights and sounds is the most fun and educational game for kids that will keep both children and adults entertained. With this early developmental toy, your kid’s game time will be different, they can learn and have fun while bringing out their best as they aim to achieve high score in this whack a frog pounding game. This is a great birthday gift for 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 years old boys and girls. This pounding toy for toddlers helps your child develop fine motor skills and improve attention span while teaching them discipline to cooperate and take turns to play with a sense of competitive spirit. A great active kids game for ages 3 and up.
  • TWO SIDE BUTTONS: 1. Mode Selection Button where you can choose to switch ON/OFF, Single Mode or 2-Player Mode that has 38 levels as the game progresses and a language option for your choice. Volume Button where you can choose to MUTE or adjust the volume from high to low.
  • CUTE LITTLE FROGS LIGHT UP: The fascinating frogs light up so you can strike on it and when you hit it, the frogs scream. The frog lights and seems dancing when the music is played making this frog game exciting and fun.
  • LCD DISPLAY AND LIFE LIGHT: Competitive players will have so much fun! When you hit the frogs the score will be recorded and displayed in the LCD screen, while the red lamp light will show remaining life of the player.
  • MUSIC and LIGHT BUTTON: This whack a frog game has real frog sounds and fun music for kids to enjoy, while the eyes and the cute little frogs light up when the music button is tapped.
  • PLAY/STOP BUTTON: This whack a frog pounding game has the option for you to stop and resume the game making the game more flexible for the players
  • 2 SOFT HAMMERS: Use the rubber mallet to hit the frogs along with music. It is soft and safe for children and will not let hurt themselves or other they may hit.
  • SUCTION CUPS: The four super powerful suction cups make the toy sturdy while playing so it will not move randomly during the game.
  • HAPPY PARENT CHILD INTERACTION TOY: Do you want a toy that creates a bond between you and your child? Create a quality time with your child with these interactive games for kids learning toys ages 3-5. Both adults and kids can enjoy the benefit of competing to get the better score by hammering the flashing frogs that light up when hit and the points will be displayed in the LCD counter.
  • AWESOME GIFT WITH MULTIPLE FUNCTIONS: Are you looking for fun unique toys as a gift? Our whack a frog toys for 3 years old girls and boys is a perfect gift to any occasions, birthdays and holidays. This whack a mole game for toddlers will get everyone laughing with real screams when you hit the frogs and both sides has buttons that can play musical sounds, also includes different languages which can aid learning. It has different game modes and speed changing levels, making it more interesting and fun as the game level progresses from easy to hard mode.
  • MSRP: $54.96
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