CifToys Small Home Shopping Cart grocery Supermarket Playset


– What toddler and preschooler doesn’t love pushing a shopping cart around the store?
– With the Shopping Cart Playset, they can have the fun of the store with a cart that fits their size.
– Your child will spend countless hours putting their shopping goods in and out of their cart and, when they are done playing for the day, they can fit all of their shopping treats neatly away in their plastic cart. –
– With the large and sturdy wheels, your child will enjoy pushing their personal shopping cart all over the house.
– Shopping just like mom and dad, your child will get to be the grown-up and decide what purchases to make, whether it is vegetables or candy, stimulating their imagination while engaging them in constructive play. –
– Your child will be engaged in endless play with their Shopping Cart Supermarket Play set and you will love watching their imagination and creativity run wild.